Postdoctoral Fellow - Human Evolutionary Biology, University of Montpellier

POST-DOCTORAL POSITION in Human Evolutionary Biology
Project: Evolution of the polymorphism of handedness in human populations
Duration: 24 months (including at least 6 months of field work)
Salary: 1,430-1,741 EUR monthly, net (according to experience)

Part 1. Social status and handedness

Social status is a fitness component in humans, as in other social species with dominance relationships. Associations between socio-economic status and handedness have been found in a western society in a population of children and in several large cohorts of adults. We propose to investigate this relation in other cultures, especially in traditional or sub-traditional societies that have not experienced the demographic transition.

Part 2. Sex and handedness

There are more left-handed men than women, in most societies so far investigated. Why left-handed women still exist is not well understood, in light of the advantage found, in fighting interactions, which does not concern women. One possible explanation is an indirect advantage for women, through their sons, because there is a maternal component in the inheritance of left-handedness. This aspect has only been explored theoretically, and requires empirical evidence. These two parts are to be completed with other aspects, according to competence and expertise, e.g. the temporal variation of handedness (through bilateral asymmetries in past remains), and the investigation of the evolutionary causes of historical and geographical variations.

Research team
Human evolutionary biology

Required Education: PhD in Evolutionary Biology or Evolutionary Anthropology

For more information or to apply send your cover letter, CV and references by email to

Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier
University of Montpellier - CC 065 - place Eugene Bataillon
FR-34095, Montpellier cedex 5, FRANCE