The Post-doctoral Fellowship of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University, USA

The post-doctoral fellowship of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University is designed to bring together an innovative group of interdisciplinary researchers from around the world. The Fellowship gives emerging scholars the opportunity to work with distinguished faculty and provide a space for collaborative research and publication. CGT encourages interdisciplinary, transnational research under three broad themes: Secularism and Diversity, Global Governance, and Poverty and Inequality. Past fellows have researched topics including the local socio-economic consequences of global policy, the historical roots of identity, and the evolution of transnational and international political structures. Scholars from any discipline may apply, provided that they successfully indicate how their work will contribute to CGT’s three research themes listed above. Up to four fellowship spots are available for the academic year beginning August 1, 2009.

The term of the fellowship is one calendar year, beginning August 1, 2009 and ending July 31, 2010. The fellowship is renewable for an additional year, contingent upon mutual satisfaction with demonstrated progress.

Fellows are expected to:
* Teach or assist with one undergraduate or graduate course, either of their own design or as specified by the Committee. When teaching, fellows are required to hold weekly office hours.
* Participate in planning and execution of research workshops and symposia.
* Present their individual research projects once a semester.

International applicants are encouraged to apply. If selected, Columbia University will sponsor the appropriate visa.

Candidates will be considered only if:
* They received their first doctorate from a recognized university no earlier than August 1, 2004 (Those who have not completed their degree at the time of application must have submitted their dissertation for defense on or before April 1, 2009. Evidence required, no exceptions).
* They do not hold or have not held a tenure or tenure-track position.
* They can fluently speak, publish, and teach in English.
* They submit an original research proposal. An adaptation of a dissertation or previous publication does not qualify.

Fellows will receive:
* An annual salary of $55,000, which includes health insurance and other standard benefits.
* Access to Columbia University libraries and computer resources.
* Shared office space.
* Eligibility for additional funding for special research projects.
* Eligibility to apply for campus housing.
* Application Checklist- all items must be completed and postmarked by December 1, 2008 and received by December 10, 2008.

Send materials to:
Committee on Global Thought
3 Claremont Ave. Suite 101
New York, NY 10027
attn: Post-doc Search
* An official graduate school transcript and terminal diploma if received (provide English translation if necessary).
* Three (3) letters of reference.
* Application fee of $30 USD. Check or money order made payable to Columbia University (Fee may be waived at our discretion).

Please send 5 copies of the following:
1.Curriculum Vitae
2. Cover Letter
3. Research proposal
-not to exceed 1500 words;
-The description should include the background, nature, importance, specific objectives, and methodology of the proposed research project
4. Writing Sample
- not to exceed 20 double spaced pages
- preferably an article or research paper published in a scholarly journal
- topic should be pertinent to the proposed research project
- no books will be accepted
5. Syllabus of proposed course or Outline of proposed Symposium

All materials must be in English; translations accepted.


Applications are reviewed immediately, so please ensure they are complete. Applications received piecemeal are not likely to be assembled or read.

All questions may be directed to: cgtmail[ at ]