MBA Scholarships 2009, the Kuehne School of Logistics and Management [Germany]

2009 MBA Scholarships, the Kuehne School of Logistics and Management, Germany
The Kuehne School of Logistics and Management enables young professionals to qualify as logistics managers.
University graduates with more than one year’s career experience who apply for the full-time MBA programme starting in October 2009 may, if suitably qualified, be able to fund the € 19.800 tuition fee in part or in full by means of a scholarship.

The application for the MBA tuition fee scholarship will take place simultaneously with the application for the MBA full-time program. In the application form for the place of study candidates should enter “Young Professional Scholarship” in the section “Financing the program”. Any further action will be clarified in direct contact with the applicant.

The MBA the admission committee reviews all scholarship applications received by April 30, 2009. Scholarship candidates must be offered a place on the MBA programme and are chosen on the basis of work experience, academic excellence, international experience and GMAT score etc.

Further information: studylogistics[ at ]

Bank Loan
In co-operation with a German bank, the K├╝hne School facilitates the procedure to obtain educational loans to pursue the MBA program. The interest rates on these loans are lower than the German market rate. The terms and conditions allow the applicant to request a loan tailored to his / her personal needs.

Remark: Further information, application forms and support will be provided to candidates who have successfully passed the admission process.


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