Indonesia: Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship Program State University Undergraduate Level 2007 Academic Year

Sampoerna Foundation (SF) provides 40 (forty) scholarships for young Indonesians who face financial constraints yet have exhibited brilliant academic performance and professional demeanor, as well as exemplary character and leadership abilities to study in the fields of Economics and Applied Sciences at domestic universities recommened by SF for a period of no more than 4 (four) years.

The mandatory programs for scholarship recipients participating in the SF Domestic University Undergraduate Study Degree in the Fields of Economics and Applied Sciences are as follow:

a. Yearly Meeting/Gathering
The annual SF meeting/gathering serves the purpose of providing an opportunity for all scholarship recipients to better understand the values held dear by SF in order to instill and facilitate character development, quality leadership, and social concern among the scholarship recipients.

b. Charitable Activities
All SF scholarship recipients on the undergraduate degree, Strata 1 (S1) level are required to plan and implement charitable activities together with other SF scholarship recipients in the areas in which they live once every three months.

c. Occupational Internship Program
Each scholarship recipient is expected to take part in a workplace internship program for a period of no less than 10 (ten) weeks during their study period. SF expects that this experience will enhance the human resources value of each scholarship recipient and make it possible for them to succeed in their future careers.

The information contained in this document is meant only for students accepted in the 2007 intake for the Domestic University Undergraduate Degree (S1) Program in the fields of Economics dan Applied Sciences.

I. Basic Requirements
Applicants must fulfill ALL of the following requirements:
* Indonesian Citizen
* Must prove the need for financial assistance for continuing education based on statement of need reference letters and photocopies of electricity bills.
* Must have an average academic record of 7.00 throughout high school.
* At the time of application for scholarship, must not already be enrolled and studying at any university.
* After having passed the selection phase, the finalists must enroll and be accepted at one of the universities affliated with SF (see list below) in either the field of study of Economics or of Applied Sciences (regular classes only).

II. Further Requirements
* Applicant must must exhibit leadership potential.
* Applicant must exhibit commitment to developing society and the nation.
* Applicant must be willing to undergo the selection process applied by SF.
* Scholarship recipient must be willing to participate in the Alumni Contribution Scheme as set out in this General Information, and in every other mandatory program or activity as set out in this document, or which might be set into place in the future. .
* Applicant must be willing to adhere to all brules and regulations apllied by SF for the registration of scholarship recipients.
* Scholarship recipient must be willing to live and work in Indonesia for a period of 3 (three) consecutive years after finishing his/her education in order that the recipient can share the expertise and knowledge gained for the sake of the Indonesian people.

III. Conditions for the Provision of Scholarships
* Full scholarships granted cover the following:
(i) Registration at university to which scholarship recipient has been accepted.
(ii) Cost of education in line with the requirements of the university to which scholarship recipient has been accepted.
(iii) Pokect Money (allowance) to defray living expenses throughout period of university study.
(iv) Book allowancefor the purchase of textbooks throughout period of university study.
(v) Internet allowance so that the scholarship recipient can access information for educational purposes.
(vi) Research allowance to fund research required for university studies.
* Scholarships are provided only for regular/standard courses of study.
* Scholarship recipients are not allowed to hold a full-time job throughout period of university study. .
* Scholarships will not be granted to candidate scholarship recipient who have receieved/are recieiving other scholarship assistance and will be expelled from the program if it is discovered that the SF scholarship recipient has gotten another scholarship.
* Should SF provide dormitory accommodations for the scholarship recipient, it is mandatory for the scholarship recipient to stay in those dormitory accommodations throughout the period of university study.

To download the application form, please click here.