6 PhD positions - Political Science, University of Milan

Research courses in Labour Sciences, Economic Sciences, Sociology and Political Studies relative to the Graduate School of Social, Economic and Political Sciences are instituted at the University of Milan for the 2007-2008 academic year (XXIII cycle).
Benefits: 3 scholarships worth a gross total of 10.561,54 euros

The Graduate School is interdisciplinary in nature and features a particular academic qualification on the part of its lecturers, the availability of excellent research structures and services for postgraduate students, a link to other scientific bodies, institutions and enterprises, among other things also for the purpose of undertaking activities propaedeutic to employment, and the participation of visiting professors from other Italian and foreign universities.

Basic Requirements

An adequate command of the formal tools common to the social sciences (basic mathematics and statistics) constitutes an important condition for benefiting from attending the Graduate School courses.

Additional Information:

Application Deadline: August 30, 2007

University of Milan
Department of Social and Political Studies
Via Conservatorio 7
20122 Milan, ITALY

Email: paolo.martelli@unimi.it
Web: http://www.spolitiche.unimi.it/pagina.php?sezioneID=133

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