Italy: Call for application to the Graduate School of Social, Economic and Political Sciences, University of Milano

Research courses in Labour Sciences, Economic Sciences, Sociology and Political Studies relative to the Graduate School of Social, Economic and Political Sciences are instituted at the University of Milan for the 2007-2008 academic year (XXIII cycle).
The Graduate School is interdisciplinary in nature and features a particular academic qualification on the part of its lecturers, the availability of excellent research structures and services for postgraduate students, a link to other scientific bodies, institutions and enterprises, among other things also for the purpose of undertaking activities propaedeutic to employment, and the participation of visiting professors from other Italian and foreign universities.

The educational activity organised by the Graduate School shall be measured in terms of educational credits and shall include, for at least 60 CFU, structured, customised forms of teaching activities in English, aimed partly at developing on the methodological and epistemological aspects shared by the various different doctorates and partly dedicated to acquiring the latest specific competences in the various disciplines. During the second year of the course, the postgraduate students will be encouraged to spend a suitable period conducting study and research at a foreign university or research centre.

For the 2007-2008 academic year, participants will be selected in two successive sessions.
In the first session a total of five scholarships have been assigned. In the second session (launched with this announcement), a total of twelve scholarships and sixteen study places without scholarship shall be made available. Up to eight out of the above mentioned twelve scholarships will be made available to applicants coming from and living outside the European Union, provided that they occupy a position enabling the awarding of a scholarship in the classification of merit regarding each course.

Applicants who did not win in the first selection procedure shall also be eligible to take part in the second session. The Committee responsible for making the comparative appraisal of the applicants shall be the same for both sessions in the case of each doctorate relative to the Graduate School.

As a consequence, public competitions (second session), to be appraised by qualifications and interviews, are hereby launched at the University of Milan for admission to the above-described doctorates, for each of which the following are indicated hereunder: the benchmark area and scientific-disciplinary sector(s), the Department providing the administrative base, associated locations, the duration, the study places and scholarships available (for the first session), the coordinator, the criteria used to appraise qualifications, the diary of examinations and the date and location when and where the results of the appraisal of qualifications shall be published.

Deadline: 30 August 2007

Please see the official announcement for more info.