PhD Studentship at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Paris 6 University

PhD studentship available at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics University of Paris 6 in collaboration with Collège de France.

The position is available within the framework of an interdisciplinary project HuPer and Lunettes Intelligentes on Cognitive navigation in space ; application to navigation of UAV and to design of assistance for visually impaired, a collaboration with prof. Alain Berthoz (Collège de France) , prof. Edwige Pissaloux (ISIR/UPMC).

Project summary

ISIR (Institute of Intelligent Systems & Robotics) (former Laboratoire de Robotique de Paris,) of Paris 6 University studies neuro-cognitive human-space interaction in order to design and realize prototypes of intelligent systems, robotics and mechatronics systems, highly autonomous and/or able to assist healthy and handicapped (especially visually impaired), in performing everyday life tasks.

In this thesis we intend to investigate different navigation strategies used by human and animal during the navigation in indoor and outdoor environments. A cognitive map built from extra- and intra pro pro prioceptives data seems to be a central and key element of such navigation (similar to this established during the SLAM by robots ?). This thesis will study task filtered cognitive map building and its integration into a navigation tool for a UAV and/or for a visually impaired. The 3D environment elements extracted with passive sensors only (vision, active vision, inertial central) and navigation strategies will be used in order to select navigation trajectory (anticipation; optimization ; real time update).

* Starting date: October 2007
* Duration: 3 years
* Required education: Master in Computer Science, or Robotics, or Intelligent Systems, or Cognitive Science, or Human/animal Physiology/Biology ;
* Required skills: Programming in C and C++; good level of written/spoken English (French not required)
* Experience/studies in computer vision, image processing, robotics, VLSI is an advantage.
* The successful candidate will be hired as PhD student and receive Ministry of Education scholarship with social benefits.

Deadline for application : August 20, 2007

If interested, please post, e-mail (pdf format only), or fax:

1. C.V.
2. Motivation letter (career plan, motivation for PhD, statement of research interest)
3. Copy of original study certificates with list of exams, grades, and scale (indicate min, max, and pass threshold)
4. Contact addresses of two reference persons
5. Copy of international publications, if any (max 3)


Prof. Edwige Pissaloux
Université Paris 6
BP 61
92 265 Fontenay-aux-Roses
Contact :
Fax: + 33 2 32 10 69 90

Given the high number of applications and enquiries, further information can be provided only to applicants who have submitted all items listed above.