Scholarships for Professional Master on Technologies for E-Government, University of Trento

Jointly organized by the University of Trento, ITC-IRST, and Informatica Trentina
With the cooperation of CNR and our industrial partners: IBM, SAP, DeltaDator, GPI, and DERGA
e-Government is one of the application areas that will experience the strongest growth - and demand for talents - over the next decade. The demand, initiated by public administrations, translates in the need for IT companies to hire employees with the competences required to deliver e-government solutions.

To meet the industrial demand, the master on technologies for e-government will provide attendees with such competences. Specifically, the master will form professionals able to manage, design, and deliver e-government solutions. This requires bringing together the expertise in the areas of public administration (and of the information systems currently exploited to deliver services to citizens and companies) and the expertise in innovative solutions in the areas of information management, process management, service-oriented architectures, services science, and security.

This is a 1-year, professional master, whose goal is to form attendees so that they have a profile which is highly attractive for companies. Therefore, the master will include a substantial “hands on” portion in an e- Government lab or with one of our many industry partners and sponsors.

All classes are in english. Applicants are required to have knowledge of the english language and to have a 4-years degree in computer science, or an equivalent degree (see web site for details).

Applications are now open. We encourage you to look at the web site for details on content, fees, and scholarships, and to apply for the master in technologies for e-government.

For more information on eligibility criteria, how to apply, and closing date for application, please visit the official announcement.