Postdoc Positions in Ultrafast Time Resolved Spectroscopy and Single Molecule Microscopy, Spain

The Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo, Spain) is seeking for an outstanding postdoc candidate for a research project based on the use of ultrafast optical and spectroscopic techniques to interrogate mater at the atomic scale. For this purpose, our labs have femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion, transient-absorption and time-resolved single-molecule fluorescence microscopy techniques. In this project we wish to study at the femtosecond time scale and at single molecule level, the dynamics of confined nanostructures formed by organic molecules and several nanohosts. The project is linked to our on-going activities in the field of femtochemistyr and femtobiology + single molecule microscopy. We are looking for applicants with a solid background in ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy.

The position is available for 2 years.

Please submit: CV (Word or PDF format ), before May 9, 2008.

Send the application to: Prof. Abderrazzak Douhal

Phone: Direct: + 34-925-265717
Operator: + 34-925-268800, ext: 5409 (office), 5430 (lab.)
Fax: + 34-925-268840.
E-mail: abderrazzak.douhal[ at ]