Postdoctoral Position in Pain Perception in Fish, Nofima Marine, Norway

Postdoctoral position in pain perception in fish
We seek a postdoctoral scientist in the area of pain perception in fish for a two-year period. The potential for pain perception is a central question in the fish welfare debate, and the Norwegian Research Council has funded a research project entitled Nociception and potential pain perception in Atlantic cod. Nofima Marine (previously Fiskeriforskning) is among the leading research institutes in the study of fish welfare, including the integration of fish physiology, fish behaviour and immunocompetence. The postdoctoral scientist will investigate the neurobiological basis for nociception and potential pain perception in fish through experimental studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electrophysiology.

Nofima is a business oriented research organisation that aims to increase competitiveness of the aquaculture, fisheries and food industries. The organisation was established through a merger between the research institutions Akvaforsk, Fiskeriforskning, Matforsk and Norconserv, and has approximately 450 employees. The organisation is divided into four research divisions; Marine, Food, Ingredients and Market. Nofima Marine engages in R&D, along with innovation and knowledge transfer for the national and international fisheries and aquaculture industries. Our primary areas of research are breeding and genetics, fish health, feed and nutrition, efficient and sustainable production as well as capture, seafood, process and product development. The head office of Nofima is located in Tromsø with divisions in Bergen, Ås, Stavanger, Sunndalsøra and Averøy. See for more information.

The applicants must hold a PhD in a relevant scientific field, and experience with the use of fMRI is preferred. Some experience with electrophysiological methods is considered advantageous. In performing the experimental studies, the postdoctoral scientist will play a central role as part of an internationally experienced research team therefore good collaborative skills are required in addition to the ability to work independently. The successful candidate will be part of the fish welfare research group in Tromsø, northern Norway, but most of the experimental work will take place in Bergen and Liverpool (UK). In addition, short-term scientific missions to partners in Antwerp (Belgium) and Trondheim are also planned.

For further information, contact:

Project Manager (scientist) Øyvind Aas-Hansen (tel +47 77 62 92 02 / oyvind.aas-hansen[ at ]

Research Manager Arne Mikal Arnesen (tel +47 77 62 92 26 / arne-mikal.arnesen[ at ]

The application must be labelled with the name of the position, and sent with CV to tove.fiksdal[ at ] or by mail to Nofima Marine, Att. Tove Fiksdal, P.O. box 5010, NO-1432 Ås, Norway.

Deadline: 02 June 08