Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students from The Government of Western Australia

The Government of Western Australia, through the Department of Education and Training (DET), is offering a number of prestigious scholarships for international students to undertake the Western Australian Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) or Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE) program at either Canning College or Tuart College in Perth, Western Australia (WA). Applicants from all countries will be eligible for consideration.

Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of academic results and a reference from the school. Where academic results do not allow for differentiation between applicants, resumes or curriculum vitae will be considered.

Scholarships apply for Year 12 level courses; WA Universities’ Foundation Program and Tertiary Entrance Examination Program.

Year 11 students at Tuart College or Canning College may apply for an award on the basis of their Year 11 results.

The closing date for all scholarship applications will be 31 October 2008. Notifications will be issued within two weeks of the closing date.

Full Scholarships
Six (6) Full Scholarships covering the course fee of A$13,500 will be awarded with three (3) allocated by each College.

To be awarded a full scholarship requires a student to have achieved outstanding academic results. This would normally require the student to have achieved the highest possible grade in at least six (6) subjects. Students will be required to complete an International Student Application Form, an International Scholarship Application Form and pay an A$200 non-refundable fee.

The A$200 fee will be deducted from the student’s tuition fees in the event of not gaining any scholarship but enrolling at one of the Colleges.

College staff will not offer these scholarships during promotional visits.

Additional documentation required:
1. Reference from the school principal.
2. Actual or mock/forecast/preliminary results for major examinations equivalent to Year 11 in Western Australia.
3. Two (2) most recent school reports.
4. Curriculum Vitae or resume.

Partial $5,000 Scholarships
Twenty (20) scholarships to the value of A$5,000 are being offered with ten (10) allocated to each College.

This award would normally require the student to have achieved the highest possible grade in at least five (5) subjects.

These scholarships may be offered to students at anytime, including during marketing visits. Such students must pay a non-refundable deposit of A$500 within two (2) weeks of the offer or forfeit the scholarship.

Students accepting one of these scholarships will also be considered for a full scholarship and the A$500 deposit will be transferred to the refundable Bond.

There is no application fee for a partial scholarships awarded by College staff during overseas marketing visits.

Any scholarship funds not allocated during overseas marketing visits will be awarded at the same time as the full scholarships.

Any students wanting to be considered in October/November are required to pay the A$200 non-refundable fee as outlined in the conditions for applying for a full scholarship.

Notification of success or otherwise will be by 15 November 2008.

International Scholarship Application Forms
College representatives should use the attached form. A copy can be found at www.unipathway.com