Postdoctoral Position in Geophysics, University of Stavanger, Norway

Postdoctoral Position in Geophysics, University of Stavanger, Norway

The University of Stavanger (UiS) invites applications for a two-year post-doctorate position in geophysics at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in the Department of Petroleum Engineering.

The position is funded by StatoilHydro.

The position is in the field of geophysics 30027403.

The main goal is to impulse research in the area of geophysics applied to exploration and production of hydrocarbons at the University of Stavanger in an integrated team.

The objective of the position is to strengthen geosciences research and academic activities in the field of geophysics within the petroleum engineering department and to give researchers/scholars with doctorates within relevant academic field(s) opportunities for further qualification toward full professorship.

The applicant must submit a description on how the project offered will add to the applicant’s competence. The applications will be assessed in relation to the relevance, qualifications, previous scientific work, and potential candidates will be invited to an interview.

The research project will be carried out at the University of Stavanger. It is assumed that the appointee will work full time on the project, that will collaborate with geosciences related lectures and research and that she/he will participate in the scholarly circles at the faculty and the university.

The postdoctoral research is focus on geophysics, and it consists of two main activities:

1. A research project on geophysics and acoustic signal processing that will develop a “mini seismic” modeling and processing in laboratory scale. Sediment layers will be made in a controlled way in a small tank at the University of Stavanger. The layer structure will then be imaged by high frequency acoustic equipment to mimic seismic exploration. The laboratory will also enable comparison between numerically simulated wave propagation and the experimental acoustic recordings. The laboratory will be used both for educational and research purposes.

2. An academic project that consists on preparation of a course in geophysics applied to petroleum exploration and production at the bachelor level that will include the topics of reflection seismic data acquisition and processing, potential fields, and electromagnetic fields. It is expected that the postdoctoral researcher will be in charged of teaching the course which is expected to start by spring 2010.

The position is salaried according to the State Salary Code, 17.510, code 1352, ltr 55 - 60, of NOK 420800 - 459 900 per annum. In special cases higher salaries may apply.

The position provides for automatic membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which guarantees favorable retirement benefits. Members may also apply for home investment loans at favorable interest rates.

Further information about the position can be obtained from Alejandro Escalona, +47 51832259, alejandro.escalona[ at ] or RuneTime, +47 51832141, rune.time[ at ]

The University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in its employment practices. The University currently employs few female professors within this academic field and women are therefore particularly encouraged to apply.

The application must contain the following documents and material and be submitted in three copies:

  • CV
  • the form Utvidet søkerskjema (Information to be made available to the applicants)
  • certificates/diplomas
  • references
  • list of publications
  • up to 15 publications and other documentation that the applicant considers relevant

The application should be marked 30027403.

Application containing CV and the form “Utvidet søkerskjema” (Information to be made available to the applicants) is to be sent to jobb-tn[ at ]

Note! Email should be marked 30027403 in the subject line.

Closing date for applications is November 27, 2008.