International Summer Program in Cultural Economics, Value of Culture, Academia Vitae and Erasmus Unversity [The Netherlands]

Academia Vitae and Erasmus Unversity in the Netherlands are pleased to introduce an excellent international summer program in cultural economics: Value of Culture.

This course examines how that relationship affects our work and has influence on the work of others. It explores the tension between the world of economics and the world of the arts, the practices of cultural entrepreneurship, the challenge of financing precious works, the functioning of the art market, international cultural policies, the important role of creativity in the modern economy, and the economics of cultural heritage.

Students with little or no economic background will be able to take a seminar on basic economic principles (at a level sufficient to pursue the Master of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University).

Students will take part in debates on recent thought in the economics of the arts and cultural entrepreneurship, and learn from actual cases in the world of the arts and culture. They will be surrounded by prominent cultural entrepreneurs in the charming, historical town of Deventer, situated between the cultural and economic meccas of Amsterdam and Berlin.

This is a Master’s level course open to: Students who intend to focus on cultural economics and related issues; Lecturers and researchers involved in cultural management, policies, and studies; Professionals working for or with private and public cultural institutions; Curious people who would like to know more about the subject and how it affects their lives.

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