Global Health Supply Chain Internship, MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program [Spain]

Global Health Supply Chain Internship, MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program
Receive a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ZLOG) while at the same time gaining valuable experience working on strategic global health supply chain projects.
Based in Zaragoza, Spain, ZLOG is part of the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, a unique research and education partnership between academia, industry and government.

The ZLOG program is built upon the graduate business program in supply chain management at MIT, which has consistently been ranked #1 by US News and World Report.

The MIT-Zaragoza Global Health Research Group (GHRG) is a leader in global health supply chain issues and collaborates with institutions such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, the WHO, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, DFID, the Center for Global Development, and Médecins Sans Frontières on strategic supply chain initiatives.

The Global Health Supply Chain Internship provides the opportunity for an exceptionally qualified candidate to pursue a uniquely designed 2 year engagement with the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program. This paid internship will enable the student to gain valuable first hand experience working on strategic global health supply chain projects while at the same time pursuing a Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The intern will become a member of the Global Health Research Group (GHRG), will assume significant responsibility, and will work directly with collaborating institutions. The list of past and current projects below is indicative of the type of initiatives that the intern will contribute to:

  • Forecasting for New Global Health Products, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Improving Supply Chain Flows for East Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • Supply Chain Risk and Incentive Analysis to Counter Drug Resistance, Center for Global Development
  • Global Demand Forecasting for Anti-Malarials, The Roll Back Malaria Partnership
  • Private Sector Role in Global Health Supply Chains, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Mapping Private Sector Supply Chains for Pharmaceutical Products in Developing Countries, DFID/Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)

For more information on the projects of the GHRG see

The selected candidate will begin the internship program with an intensive term of full-time study. This initial 4-month term will provide a solid scientific understanding of supply chain management. During this initial period the student will meet with the GHRG periodically to be kept abreast of current projects but will have limited responsibilities in addition to full time study. Upon successful completion of this first term, the intern will begin work with the GHRG on a part-time basis. In addition to working with the GHRG the intern will begin working on his/her thesis and take a modified course load, satisfying all requirements for the Masters Degree by May of the following year. The timeline below provides an example of how the intern’s time will be divided between activities.

The internship program covers the full cost of tuition, administrative fees, and book fees for the ZLOG program (approximately €22,000). In addition, the student will begin receiving a monthly stipend of €1,050 upon successful completion of the first term.

This is a highly competitive position. The candidate must, at a minimum, fulfill all of the ZLOG admissions requirements (found at the end of this document) in order to be considered. While a strong background in Global Health and/or International Development is highly desirable, exceptional candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Application Process and Documents
To apply, candidates must complete all of the application requirements from the ZLOG program (found on In addition, please include a brief essay (less than 500 words) describing why you are specifically well-suited to contribute to the GHRG.

The deadline for applying to the internship program is April 15, 2009.

Short-listed candidates will be notified by April 30, 2009 and interviews will be arranged.

Contact information
For further details on how to apply and what qualifications are required for this internship please contact:

ZLC Admissions Office
Avda. Gómez Laguna 25, 1ª planta
E-50009 Zaragoza (SPAIN)
Phone: +34 (976) 077 605
Fax: +34 (976) 077 612

Email: admissions[ at ]
Skype: zlc_admissions_office

ZLOG Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible candidates must comply with the following criteria:

  • Completion of a four year undergraduate program equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Competitive GMAT or GRE score. Exceptions may be granted to individuals who have demonstrated strong academic achievement in completing a college degree - including some quantitative training.
  • Professional excellence in Logistics/Supply Chain Management and/or exceptional academic achievement (minimum GPA of 3.5 on the scale of 4.0 or equivalent).
  • Fluency in English, minimum TOEFL score of 105 points on the Internet based test.

ZLC Admissions Office
Avenida Gómez Laguna 25, 1ª Planta
E-50009 Zaragoza (SPAIN)
Phone: +34 (976) 077 605
Fax: +34 (976) 077 612