PhD Studentship and Research Opportunities in the Biology of Ageing, University of Liverpool [UK]

PhD Studentship and Research Opportunities in the Biology of Ageing, University of Liverpool, UK
We are accepting applications for a PhD studentship available for start in the autumn of 2009. The project focuses on the construction of mouse embryonic stem cell lines (mESC) exhibiting longevity biomarkers, in particular cellular resistance to oxidative stress and to sources of DNA damage thought to play a role in ageing and cancer. This project aims to: 1) employ cutting edge genomic techniques to identify new genes regulating susceptibility to stress in mESC; 2) construct stress resistant mESC lines to serve as models for studying stress response mechanisms that may modulate ageing and offer protection against age-related diseases. The exact directions of the project, however, will be adapted to fit the research interests of the student.

Informal enquiries are welcomed and should be directed to Dr de Magalhaes (aging[at] Review of applications begins from mid-January 2009. To apply please visit this page.

Only EU/EEA citizens are eligible to apply and non-UK residents may only be eligible for a partial award.

Other Research Opportunities in the Biology of Ageing
We have other projects available for enthusiastic and ambitious self-funded students and postdocs. Projects can be experimental, computational, or a combination of both and are tailored to the interests of the individual. Prospective students and postdocs are welcome to contact us (aging[ at ] to discuss possible common interests and we are happy to support applications for external fellowships.

Integrative Genomics of Ageing Group
The focus of our group is on the biology and genetics of ageing. Our research combines modern bioinformatics and experimental methods, in particular cell and molecular biology, to help decipher the human genome and provide new insights into the genetics of longevity, ageing and other complex traits. Our group is located in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool in the UK. We have active collaborations with research groups in Europe, Israel, and the USA. Although travelling is not essential, it is therefore possible for members of our group to acquire additional expertise in other labs. More information about our group and projects we are involved in are available online: