2010 International Fulbright Science and Technology Award for Foreign Students [India-USA]

The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) invites applications from interested Indian applicants for the International Fulbright Science and Technology Award for outstanding foreign students. This award is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and is designed to be the most prestigious international scholarship in science and technology. The International Fulbright Science and Technology Award reaffirms America’s pre-eminence and competitiveness in the fields of science, technology, and engineering, as the U.S. remains the most attractive destination for serious scientific and technological research and study.

The International Fulbright Science and Technology Award is for PhD study at top U.S. institutions in science, technology, or engineering beginning August/September 2010. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State will fund grants for up to three years under this program. After three years, U.S. universities will cover the remaining expenses toward completion of a PhD. Academic placement (university admission and other formalities) of the selected scholars will be handled by the International Institute of Education (IIE). Fellows will travel to the U.S. on J-1 visas and will be subject to J-visa regulations.

In the fourth year of this program, approximately 40 awards will be offered worldwide for candidates who demonstrate unique aptitude and innovation in scientific fields. Two principal nominees from India will compete with candidates from all over the world for this fellowship. Application deadline: May 1, 2009.

Grant Benefits:

The fellowship will provide the following benefits:

1. Activities, tuition and fees for up to 36 months;

2. A monthly stipend for up to 36 months;
3. Book and equipment, and professional conference allowances;
4. J-1 visa sponsorship for up to five years;
5. Round-trip airfare from fellow’s home city to the host institution in the United States;

6. Health and accident coverage as per U.S. Government guidelines; and
7. Specially tailored enrichment activities.

After three years, U.S. universities will be expected to cover the remaining expenses toward completion of a Ph.D. If necessary, after five years, the U.S. Dept of State will transfer sponsorship to the host university assuming satisfactory continuing progress toward Ph.D. completion.

The International Fulbright Science and Technology Fellowship program provides no additional funding to support dependents.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should:

1. be a responsible Indian citizen who can contribute to a full and fair picture of the culture and civilization of India, and thereby help to promote understanding and friendship between the peoples of the United States and India;

2. have a high level of academic/professional achievement;
3. be proficient in English with a recent TOEFL score (or equivalent, like IELTS), of 580 or higher. Candidates who do not have valid TOEFL scores at the time of application but are selected as nominees, will be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL);
4. be present in India at the time of submitting the application and for the interview, if required;

5. be eligible for leave, if employed;
6. be in good health;
7. not be applying for or holding permanent residence (green card) in the United States;
8. hold a valid Indian passport no later than May 1, 2009;
9. Have completed an equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian university with at least 60% marks. Applicants should either possess a four-year bachelor’s degree or a completed master’s degree, if the bachelor’s degree is of less than four years duration, before August 1, 2010.

Eligible Fields of Study

Eligible fields include Aeronautics and Astronomics/Aeronautical Engineering, Agriculture (theoretical or research-based focus only), Astronomy/Planetary Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Sciences/Engineering, Energy, Engineering (electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical, ocean, and petroleum), Environmental Science/Engineering, Geology/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Information Sciences and Systems (engineering focus only), Materials Science/Engineering, Mathematics, Neuroscience/Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Oceanography, Public Health (theoretical research focus only) and Physics.

A brief description of each field of study is available at http://foreign.fulbrightonline.org/scienceandtech

Selection Process, Timeline and Criteria

The International Fulbright Science and Technology Award is a merit-based, open competition. After the deadline, a panel of specialists will review all eligible applications in India and nominate two principals and one alternate Indian candidate. USIEF will forward the Indian nominations to the U.S. for a technical review of all nominee applications. Should a principal nominee not meet eligibility requirements, s/he will be disqualified, and the alternate nominee will be upgraded to principal nominee status. Those designated as alternates will only be elevated if a principal is disqualified. After the technical review, up to two principal nominees from each country will be presented for review to a U.S.-based selection committee, which will include prominent academics and professionals in the appropriate scientific fields.

The Indian candidates recommended as nominees must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), as well as the General and Subject Graduate Record Examination (GRE), if applicable, no later than August 2009. Candidates, who do not have valid GRE scores at the time of application but are selected as nominees, will be required to take the GRE General Test. A nominee is expected to have achieved a quantitative score of at least 700. In addition, a GRE subject test will be required of all candidates selected as nominees for the following fields of study: biology; biochemistry; cell and molecular biology; chemistry; computer science; mathematics; and physics. USIEF will provide test fee vouchers for taking the required tests. Applicants who have taken tests should submit copies of their score reports along with their applications by the May 1 deadline.

The U.S. based committee will make its selection from applications worldwide. Applications of candidates selected by the U.S-based committee will then be forwarded for approval to the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and then placement by IIE. IIE will identify appropriate U.S. institutions and apply on the behalf of finalists, taking into consideration their fields of study and research interests to ensure the best placement available. If a recommended candidate has previously applied to U.S. institutions and has requested a deferral from the institution, the candidate should indicate this on the university preference page on the application form.


May 1, 2009 Application Deadline

Mid May 2009 USIEF committee review applications to nominate Indian

candidates. Short-listed applicants may be invited for


June-July 2009 Indian nominees take TOEFL/GRE

September 2009 U.S based selection committee reviews worldwide

applications to select candidates

October 15, 2009 Notification of selected candidates

Applications of selected candidates forwarded for FSB

approval and university placement

August/September 2010 Fellowships begin

How to Apply

The announcement and the application for the 2010 Fulbright International Science and Technology Award are posted on the USIEF website www.usief.org.in. Each applicant is required to submit an online application along with supporting documents. A complete application includes:

1. a clearly written research objective;
2. a professional resume;
3. three letters of reference;
4. official (or scanned and attached to the online application) academic transcripts from each

post-secondary institution attended, or sent to USIEF, New Delhi as indicated below;
5. English language test scores (when available);
6. GRE General and GRE subject exam test scores (when available).

Carefully follow all application instructions for completing the Fulbright International Science and Technology Award Program on-line Application. All employed applicants should apply through proper channel.

In addition to submitting the application online, you must send the following to the
Indian Program Officer, USIEF, Fulbright House, 12 Hailey Road, New Delhi 110 001,
by May 1, 2009. Please write ATTN: Fulbright IFST on the envelope.

1. a printout of the completed online application form. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted. No application will be returned to the applicant after the end of the competition. Supporting documents should include:

2. One recent passport size photograph;

3. Report of Proficiency in English, which should either be submitted along with your application in a sealed envelope, or sent directly to reach the Indian Program Officer, USIEF, Fulbright House, 12 Hailey Road, New Delhi 110 001 no later than May 1, 2009.

4. Signed Signature Form

5. Attested copies of marksheets/transcripts and diplomas/certificates for all of the examinations (arranged in reverse chronological order starting from higher secondary.)

6. Standardized Tests: If you have previously taken the TOEFL or the GRE General and Subje Tests, please indicate your score and date and place where you took the examination in the Application Form. Attach copies, originals or photocopies, of your score report to the application if available.

7. Three completed Reference report forms to reach the Indian Program Officer, USIEF, Fulbright House, 12 Hailey Road, New Delhi 110 001 no later than May 1, 2009.