International Scholarships, Masters in Human Computer Interaction, University of Lancaster [UK]

University of Lancaster, UK
Masters in Human Computer Interaction
Computing, Design and Psychology
Lancaster University is seeking applicants to its Masters in Human Computer Interaction Program which offers a multidisciplinary perspective on the design of advanced interactive technologies.

The programme focuses on training in a broad range of knowledge and skills that are applicable to the specification, design, prototyping and evaluation of advanced interactive systems. For this, the programme has been innovatively designed at the interface of three fundamental disciplines of HCI and involving three outstanding departments at Lancaster University.

  • Computing Department is an international centre of excellence in Computer Science research ranked amongst the top ten Computer Science Departments in the UK (RAE 2008). The programme benefits from direct involvement of the world leading expert in the field, Professor Alan Dix who co-authored the Handbook of Human Computer Interaction, a widely used textbook in HCI education at both undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Design and Imagination is part of the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, ranked amongst the top three institutions in the UK for Design Theory and Design Management (RAE 2008).
  • Psychology Department recognised for its research expertise in design studies, creative problem solving in design, cognitive and social processes in innovative design, as well as process-tracing methodologies.

Students enrolled in the program will be immersed in a cutting edge research training environment and will benefit from an exceptional integration of theory and practice. Programme highlights include company-based dissertation projects which provide students the opportunity to tackle real-world problems for real clients as part of the summer placement, i.e. Hewlett-Packard, Sony-Ericsson, BT, IBM, Xerox; practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples; intense collaborative design project, where students work together and gain hands-on experience of designing an interactive system together with knowledge and skills of design critique. Not least, our students frequently produce publishable research outcomes as result of the research work performed throughout the programme, i.e. CHI 2009, NordiCHI 2008, HCI 2007, or HCI 2004.

Careers: The Masters in HCI programme is designed for everyone interested in developing research-oriented industrial careers as interface designers, interaction designers or usability consultants as part of start-up companies, large organisations or freelance consultancy. For those interested in pursuing academic careers, the programme offers solid research knowledge and skills for enrolling in PhD programmes as demonstrated by over 50% of our graduates following academic route.

Requirements: The Masters in HCI programme is open to everyone with an interest in the intersection of social and technological systems. A background in computer science, design or psychology is preferable, albeit not essential.

A number of £1000 internationals scholarships are open to all overseas fees-paying students who exceed their offer or (if holding an unconditional offer) exceed our normal requirements.

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