PhD Scholarships in Software Engineering, University of Groningen [The Netherlands]

The Software Engineering & Architecture (SEARCH) group at the University of Groningen is committed to advancing the state of the art in the field of software architecture. The group aims to achieve that by carrying out joint research projects with universities, research institutes, and industrial partners, thus combining academic know-how with industrial practice. The research topics of the SEARCH group include software architecture design and evaluation, architectural knowledge, software product lines, architectural patterns and pattern languages, architecture-centric evolution, and service-oriented architectures. For more information please check our website ( and or email us (paris[ AT ]

The SEARCH group is looking for excellent candidates that wish to apply for scholarships from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Prospective PhD students have substantial freedom in deciding upon their research. They may work on one of the group’s existing research projects or submit their own research proposal, in coordination with the group head.

How to apply
Applications for the scholarships should include:

  • a cover letter with the GPA of BSc and MSc and the name of the Universities where they were obtained, as well as potential awards, distinctions, publications
  • a Curriculum Vitae (name, address, degree(s), academic transcripts, dates, etc.)
  • three professional reference letters. Please send your application to the following contact person by email.

Feel free to make informal requests about the scholarships.

Prof.dr. Paris Avgeriou
Head of the Software Engineering & Architecture (SEARCH) group
Tel: +31 50 3637057

Required profile

  • You should have a M.Sc. or equivalent in computer science or a related discipline.
  • You are expected to have an excellent academic record (list of examination marks from your university degree) and be curious, creative, ambitious and with a well-developed scientific mindset.
  • You should be able to write scientific articles and reports (proven by your graduation thesis or another comparable report) and be fluent in English.
  • You should have affinity to research with an industrial focus, be a team player, open-minded and actively participate in knowledge sharing.