Fellowships from the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Craig Hugh Smyth Visiting Fellowship
Application Deadline: April 15, 2009
The Craig Hugh Smyth Visiting Fellowship is designed for scholars in any field of Italian Renaissance studies whose full-time occupations do not allow them the research time that is normally enjoyed by university academics, such as extended summer vacations and recurrent sabbaticals. Up to three fellowships for residence at I Tatti in Florence for periods up to three months are offered each year. Fellows are selected on the basis of a record of distinction and an application to carry out a project of advanced research in Renaissance art history, literature, history, or musicology.

Category A: Museum and Library Professionals
The primary constituency will be museum curators. From the outset, however, it was also foreseen that Renaissance scholars in any position with constrained research time could apply, such as librarians, academic administrators, conservators, and the like. It is not intended for recent post-doctorates, but rather for scholars who have worked for a considerable period without leave. University teachers with the usual academic summer vacation and/or sabbatical programs are not eligible.

Category B: Mothers
The Craig Hugh Smyth Visiting Fellowship Category B is aimed at mothers with the primary responsibility of caring for children up to sixteen years of age. It is meant to enable them to come to Florence for periods of two or three months without family. It is available to women who do not live in the region and who normally do not have access to the research facilities of Florence. The grant will provide a supplement aimed at helping with the extra child care costs incurred by their partners back home.

I Tatti Fellowships
Application Deadline: October 15, 2009

Villa I Tatti in Florence offers up to fifteen fellowships each academic year for advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance. Each Fellow is offered a place to study, use of the Biblioteca and Fototeca Berenson, lunches on weekdays, and various other privileges, the most important of which is the opportunity to meet scholars from a variety of countries working in related fields. The Fellowship is open to scholars of any nationality. On the average, over more than forty years of operation, about half the Fellows have been American and half from Europe and the rest of the world, though the proportion changes in any given year. The Fellowship is post-doctoral.

For additional information, including more on program requirements and application procedures, visit: www.itatti.it/menu3/fellow_home.html.