PhD scholarships at the University of Manchester [UK]

The Institute for Social Change at the University of Manchester has three PhD studentships commencing in 2009. These awards cover fees and a full maintenance stipend.
PhD studentships starting 2009
Three fully funded PhD studentships are currently available, covering fees and an annual stipend of £11,800. Projects could involve local case studies of particular cities or neighbourhoods, large scale survey analysis, cross-national comparisons (especially US-UK), or combinations of these approaches.

We welcome proposals for empirical research projects in any of the broad areas mentioned above, but we are particularly keen to fund projects on the following topics :

New Media and Political Change - how new forms of digital communication may be changing the nature of citizen participation and political organisations’ structure and functions.

Religion – the causes and consequences of religious change and diversity ; the relationship between religion and social/political attitudes.

Inequality and Politics - the relationship between inequality and political outcomes including social polarisation in participation, representation, and influence.

The politics of ethnic diversity - the role of context in shaping aspects of political or civic participation of ethnic minority groups or immigrants.

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To discuss your proposal contact the head of postgraduate research, Professor David Voas (voas(a)

Deadline for applications is 11th May, 2009