PhD Scholarships in Printed Electronics Field, the Jeju National University [South Korea]

There is PhD studentship at the School of Mechanical Engineering Jeju National University, South Korea at Advanced Micro Mechatronics Lab (AMM LAB).

Research Area
Research in the silicon industry is maturated considerably. Now Roll-to-Roll and inkjet printing technology are being utilized for developing cheaper and accurate digital devices. Our research group is carrying research in printed electronics which will be the preferred manufacturing process for solar cell, RFIDs, flexible panel systems, displays, and sensors in future.

Research Area for PhD
Control of the printing mechanism and control of the substrate with respect to the printing parameters to print different types of electronic devices through Inkjet Printing System and Roll-to-Roll Printing System. Knowledge of the automation and controls is necessary.

The fully funded studentship will cover fees, stipend and research costs, and are available to the eligible students.

MS in Mechanical or Electrical engineering, systems and control, or a related field. The applicant should have good analytical and modeling skills as well as good communication skills.

The main criteria of selection is GPA (must be above 3.0). Beside GPA research proposal, resume and good communication skill in English (TOEFL or IELTS) will be considered.

Enquires and Application:
Applications should be addressed to: khalid[ at ] (Khalid Rahman)

Please include: Presentation letter; Curriculum Vitae; copy of transcript, research proposal, letters of recommendation and resume.

Starting date: As soon as possible.

Deadline: 30th April 2009