Scholarships for Undergraduate Study in Economics 2009

Coase Scholarships for Undergraduate Study in Economics
By means of a bequest from the Nobel Prize-winning Economist, Professor Ronald Coase, the University of Buckingham annually offers two full Scholarships for undergraduate study in Economics (or for Economics in combination with Law, Business, or Politics). Each Scholarship, worth in total more than £30,000, covers the University’s full tuition fees, accommodation costs, and provides for a generous maintenance grant.

Candidates for the Scholarships are required to write an essay, of not more than 2,000 words, on the topic ‘The gentleman in Whitehall really does know best’; and to send this, together with a letter of reference and a completed application form for University admission, to:

Mrs Linda Waterman, Department of Economics and International Studies
University of Buckingham, Hunter Street, Buckingham, MK18 1EG
or email
The deadline is 1 May 2009.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. For further details and applications forms see and search ‘Coase Scholarships’