Call for Admission of Candidates Educated Abroad to the Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School of the University of Pisa Year 2010

Call for Admission of Candidates Educated Abroad to the Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School of the University of Pisa Year 2010

Art. 1 Announcement The University of Pisa announces a competition, based on academic qualifications, for 7 grants reserved for candidates educated abroad for admission to the “Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School”.

The 7 grants are funded:

5 grants by the “Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School”

1 grant by Ministry for University and Research (budget of the 2009 call) will be assigned for study and research on the subject ‘’Innovative applications in Biomedical Industry’’ within the Ph.D. programme in Fisica Applicata (Applied physics),

1 grant by Ministry for University and Research (budget of the 2009 call) will be assigned for study and research on the subject ‘’Energy saving and small scale energy generation systems’’ within the Ph.D. programme in Fisica (Physics).

If some public or private financing becomes available, within the expiry date of the call, additional study grants may be offered. The selection will be based on the scientific qualifications of the candidates, bearing in mind the balance between the different areas of the School.

The candidates must apply for one of the following Ph.D. programmes: Ph.D. programme: Informatica (Computer science) Fisica e Fisica applicata (Physics and Applied physics) Matematica (Mathematics) Scienze chimiche (Chemical sciences) An application for this competition does not prevent candidates from applying for the other competition, based on both academic qualifications and examinations, announced at with deadline for applications September 2009.

The courses of each Ph.D. programme will start on January 1st, 2010.

Art. 2 Requirements

Applications are invited from candidates who:
• are not resident in Italy;
• have obtained abroad a secondary school qualification, from a school that is not subject to Italian regulations, examinations and curricula, giving access to University education at first degree level, and an academic qualification equivalent to the Italian “laurea specialistica”, e.g. to a Master of Science degree, or expect to obtain this academic qualification before September 20th, 2009.

Both qualifications must be awarded by non-Italian institutions. The equivalence of each qualification to one of the above-mentioned Italian degrees will be established (for the sole purpose of this competition) by the Academic Board of the School. The University reserves the right to ask candidates for additional documents in order to evaluate their admission to the School. The University may exclude candidates lacking admission requirements at any time.

Art. 3 Applications and deadline

The registration to this competition should be completed within June 30th, 2009 1.00 pm (CET - Central European Time), only by web, filling in the form on following the instructions indicated. After this date is not possible to apply to this competition.

You should send only by web using the same on line procedure by June 30th, 2009, 1.00 pm, the following documents (only in pdf format); you can see the instructions indicated:

1. the application form, with original signature, should include (the form is available below):

• personal date (name and surname, date and place of birth, place of residence, and nationality);
• contact address, e-mail address and telephone number and, possibly, a Skype contact (the candidate must immediately communicate any changes of these data);
• educational qualification giving access to university education, with an indication of when and where it was obtained;
• academic qualification with final mark (if any) and an indication of when and where it was obtained;
• information on grants that the candidate might have been awarded by Italian, foreign or international bodies to attend a Ph.D. Degree course or to carry out study and research activities, indicating the starting date, the length, and the amount;
• title of the Ph.D. Degree course the candidate wishes to apply for

2. The documents must be attached to the form ? a certificate of the academic qualification, issued by the University that awarded it; if already awarded, or alternatively (see Art. 6) a declaration that he/she expects to obtain the requested academic qualification before September 20th, 2009. In this latter case, the awarding University and the expected date of awarding must be specified; ? the degree transcript stating the examinations taken by the candidate, with marks and a short description of their content; ? a short resume (maximum 1000 words) illustrating the scientific interests of the candidate and an outline of a possible research plan to be carried out during the Doctoral years. This research plan will not be considered binding if the candidate is admitted to the School; ? a report on any research carried out by the candidate (if any); ? a list of publications (if any); ? any further qualification and information that should be taken into account; ? a copy of a valid identity document. Candidates should send a separate application for each Ph.D. programme they wish to apply for. In addition two letters of presentation by professors or experts in the field of the candidate must be sent directly by the professors or experts to the “Segreteria della Scuola Galileo Galilei” or by e-mail to the following address: Applications that arrive after the deadline (June 30th, 2009) will not be considered. All documents must be in Italian or English, or accompanied by a translation into Italian or English. Within 60 days of the publication of the competition result, candidates will be able to recover, at their own expense, all the documents and qualifications they have presented. After this period, the University will not be responsible for keeping the above-mentioned documents. Art. 4 Grants – General rules The duration of the University grants mentioned in art. 1 is three years. The grants cannot be combined with any other grants assigned by the Italian Government. If the candidate already benefits from a study grant of any other kind, the Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School will decide, at its own discretion, whether or not to assign one of the above-mentioned grants after evaluating the one the candidate already enjoys. The grant cannot be assigned to candidates who have already (or even partially) benefited from a similar grant to attend another Ph.D. Degree course or an equivalent course (at the University of Pisa or at any other Italian University or Italian Ph.D. programme). The net amount of each study grant for the year 2010 is fixed at € 13.638,47. The winners of the competition will receive a net contribution of € 200,00 per month for lodging expenses and a net contribution towards relocation costs up to a maximum of € 1.000,00, funded by the “Galileo Galilei Ph.D. School”. The winners are exempted from paying university fees, but they should pay € 98,00 per year as a tax for the “Regione Toscana”. Art. 5 Admission The grants mentioned in art. 1 are assigned by the Academic Board of the School, on the basis of the evaluation of the academic qualifications of each candidate. The list of named winners will be published on the Web site at by July 28 th, 2009. Any candidate named as a winner whose certificate of academic qualification has not been received will be considered to be a winner only conditionally, subject to the qualification certificate being received by September 20th, 2009. No personal communication of the competition result will be given. Art. 6 Enrollment The winners must enroll, under penalty of exclusion, no later than September 20th, 2009, by sending the following documents to the Università di Pisa Ufficio “Laureati” - Dottorato di ricerca via Fermi 8 56126 Pisa - Italia or by fax to: +39 050 2212001: a) the enrollment form, which is available on the University Web site at the following address:; b) a photocopy of an identity document; c) one passport-size photograph; d) a certificate of the academic qualification issued by the University that awarded it, if not already sent together with the application. In any case the winners must send a message confirming the sending of the documents to the following e-mail address: together with the application. If named winners fail to enroll, no other grants will be assigned. Art. 7 Information and announcement advertising This announcement is published on the University Web site at The Administrative Responsible is Mrs Licia Del Corso. For further information, please contact the Ufficio “Laureati”, via Fermi 8 56126 Pisa; Telephone: +39 050 2212042/020/023/025, fax: +39 050 2212 001, e-mail: Office hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: from 11:00 to 13:00; Tuesday/Thursday: from 9:00 to 11:000. in August: The office will be closed from August 10th to August 21st. For any information about Visa application Forms, Permits of stay (Permessi di soggiorno), Insurance, lodgings and other useful information about your departure for and arrival at Pisa, please contact the “Welcome Point” Service set by Pisa University’s International Relations Office, e-mailing at

APPLICATION FORM (fill in this form in CAPITAL LETTERS, save as pdf file, and upload it following the instructions indicated on Magnifico Rettore dell’UNIVERSITÀ DI PISA Area Servizi per la Didattica Ufficio Laureati – Unità Dottorati di ricerca.