Scholarships for African American Male Students 2009 - Dr. Calvin Martin Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund

The Dr. Calvin Martin Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund Inc, a non-profit charitable organization, was named in memory of its founder Dr. Calvin Martin. His passion was a love for education. He fulfilled this by demonstrating his pedological skills as a teacher and administrative skills as a New York City Public School Principal.

His career allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the American Education System.

The mission of the Scholarship Trust Fund is to educate African American Male Students through a scholar and mentorship program, to achieve higher academic excellence.

The scholarships are available to students who demonstrate high academic achievements in high schools, colleges/and or universities. They must be born in the USA and reside in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The amount of $100,000 will be awarded each year in scholarships. A maximum of $10,000 will be awarded each year per student who is attending a four-year college or university program/or graduate school.

Applicants must choose a major in the following field: education, business, law, medicine, architecture, engineering and creative arts.

Applicants must be unmarried and between the ages of sixteen (16), through twenty-five (25) years old. (Please note that these scholarships are available to African American males only).

General Information

The deadline for submission of scholarship applications is May 15th. Applications can be obtained through a counselor in the Financial Aid Office of your learning institution. All applications and submitted materials become the property of Dr. Calvin Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund and will not be returned. Applicants may be born in any of the fifty, (50) states, but must demonstrate legal residence in the Tri-State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut at the time of applying for scholarships. Applicants who are awarded scholarships will be notified in writing.

Further Scholarship Information and Application (PDF)