AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program [USA]

The AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program is intended to provide US surgical skills access to deserving orthopaedic surgeons from diverse regions of the world. Four to six scholarships are awarded each year to eligible orthopaedists with the intended purpose to travel to the United States to attend an AAOS Orthopaedic Learning Center (OLC) hands-on surgical skills course. Each recipient selects a 2- to 2.5-day course offered by AAOS. As part of the scholarship program experience, scholars are offered one- or two-day hospital and private practice visits designed to further enhance their overall scholarship program experiences in the United States. The entire scholarship experience will take between six to seven days.

For more information please see the links below or contact us at aaos-international-at-aaos.org

· Application – Complete your application for a 2010 scholarship

· Sponsoring organizations

· Selection procedure

· Eligibility criteria

· Previous International Scholarship Recipients

Each year the scholarship program rotates to one of the four regions of the world (Based on Gross National Income per the World Bank’s data and statistics).

1. Asia and Pacific - selected for the 2010 program

2. Africa and the Middle East

3. Latin America and the Caribbean

4. Europe

The selection of the geographic region rotation is made by the AAOS International Committee.


Application instructions (all steps must be completed by July 17, 2009):

Step A:
If you are from Region 1 (Asia and Pacific Rim), complete the online application form (there are six steps to the application all must be completed online)
Step B: Fax (1-847-823-0668) or email (aaos-international@aaos.org) a copy of the certificate of membership in your national or regional orthopaedic society or their equivalent to the AAOS
Step C: Fax (1-847-823-0668) or email (aaos-international@aaos.org) a copy of your Curriculum Vitae
Step D: Fax (1-847-823-0668) or email (aaos-international@aaos.org) two lettrs of recommendation (Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation)

Proceed to the 2010 AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Online Application.

Sponsoring organizations

AAOS is honored to recognize the support of the AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship program by the following current sponsors:

The Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS)
P.O. Box 665
Lennox Hill Station
New York, NY 10021
Email: info@orthofocos.org
Website: www.orthofocos.org/

Sociedad Española de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología (SECOT)
C/Fernandez de los Rios, 108-2
Madrid 28015 Spain
Telephone: 34-91-544-1062
Fax: 34-91-455-0475
Email: secot@secot.es
Web site: www.secot.es

Società Italiana di Artroscopia (SIA)
Via Nicola Martelli 3
Rome 197 Italy
Telephone: 39 6 80691593
Fax:39 6 80687266
Email: segreteria@siaonline.it
Web site: www.siaonline.it

AAOS is honored to recognize the support of the AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship program by the following previous sponsors:

P.O. Box 708
1800 West Center Street
Warsaw, IN 46581-0708
Telephone: +1-800-613-6131
Website: www.zimmer.com

AAOS Corporate Advisory Council

Mission Statement
The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) will function as a forum for the exchange of information of mutual concern to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation, and orthopaedic industry, within policy, ethical, judicial, and legislative constructs that govern the relations between industry and organized medicine.