Almende Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships

Almende BV is a high-tech commercial research company (SME) researching advanced hardware and software-agent technology. Almende in particular investigates self-organized critical agent-based network solutions to sustain and improve the coalition formation and coordination of communication and collaboration across evolving networks of humans and existing ICT infrastructures. The methods studied and developed for building those solutions are based on principles of synergetics, i.e., interaction, self-organization and cooperation amongst human and/or artificial networks, and principles of multi-scale physics renormalization, - and applies and evaluates those agent-based solutions in many classical and novel problem domains ranging from software engineering; health- and home-care; logistics; warehousing; road, air, energy and ICT network management; data, information and knowledge management; grid and cloud computing to swarm robotics.

The technology and knowledge that Almende develops are further commercialized in spin-off companies. Currently, Almende has four daughter companies among which there are ASK Community Systems, DEAL Services and ASK Community Systems provides its customers intelligent communication and collaboration systems connecting different servicing groups of users depending on their needs. Deal Services markets robust agent-based logistics management solutions. is Rotterdam’s largest Internet Service Provider for the business customer. ASK Community Systems has offices throughout Europe, US and China.

To advance science and technology Almende strongly fosters close collaboration with universities, knowledge institutes, large industrial R&D groups and other SMEs in the Netherlands and Europe. In respect to the Marie Curie Actions - International Dimension; International Incoming Fellowships Programme Almende is willing to serve as hosting organization for experienced researchers as IIF fellows for 12-24 months in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For the IIF Programme, Almende is inviting experienced researchers to set up in liaison an application on either of the following subjects:

  • Scalable Networked Social Media Indexing, Querying, Search and Retrieval
  • Contextual Personalized Networked Social Media Indexing, Querying, Search and Retrieval
  • Ambient Intelligent Service Robotics for Elderly Home- and Health-Care
  • Emerging self-organized control of swarming intelligence or robotics
  • Multi-scale purposeful synergetics amongst unmanned aerial vehicles and terrestrial robots
  • Energy-aware and other QoS-aware grid and cloud management
  • Simulation techniques for verification of large scale networked embedded system properties
  • Formal and system engineering methodologies, techniques and tools for virtualization of (legacy) multi-core and/or reconfigurable systems.

Eligible candidates are welcomed to write and send a two-to-three pages application letter together with their CV to the contact person below (Deadline July 1 2009); for eligibility conditions please consult and check the Information Package. In the application letter attention should be paid to the subject that the candidate would like to work on. In particular, the research problem / question, approach, methods and techniques should be mentioned and related to the current or past work experiences – it should be evident how the state of the art in the specific research field is advanced. After a short internal selection, all candidates will be notified about the outcomes of the selection procedure (Deadline July 14 2009). Successful candidates will be further assisted to define, set up and submit their applications (Deadline August 18 2009).

Please send your applications to

Dr. Alfons H. Salden

Almende BV, Westerstraat 50, 3016 DJ Rotterdam, The Netherlands