Postdoctoral positions, RIKEN Brain Science Institute Wako [Japan]

We are currently hiring post-doctoral positions in the Gardner Research Unit at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute.We are looking for highly motivated scientists whoare interested in studying visual perception with a combination of functional MRI techniques and psychophysics. Candidates should have, or be expecting to receive, a PhD in neuroscience, bioengineering, or related fields. A strong training in experimental methodology (not necessarily fMRI and psychophysics – for example, single-unit neurophysiology is appropriate) with solid quantitative skills is required.

RIKEN is located in Wako, Japan which is a 12 minute train ride from central Tokyo. Seminars and daily scientific activities at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute are all conducted in English. Non-Japanese applicants may apply for on-campus housing for their first year. For inquiries, send a brief cover letter stating your research interests, your CV and contact information for two scientist who can act as references to Justin L. Gardner at

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