PhD Scholarships for International Students [Estonia]


The framework of the support scheme
Estonian government has launched strategic initiatives for supporting the internationalisation of the Estonian higher education and research institutions. Under the initiative study opportunities and scholarships are created for non-resident PhD students in the fields of natural and exact sciences, technology and medicine.

Requirements for students
The additional study positions are open for persons who are not residents of Estonian Republic . The candidates must have prior qualification that gives access to PhD studies and must start their studies in an Estonian university at the academic year subsequent to admission.

Scholarship and funding of research
The study grant equivalent to the standard public grants of PhD students is allocated to the grant holder. The amount of study grant for the academic year of 2007/2008 is 60 000 EEK (4 955 USD). In addition, a return travel to home once a year, a health insurance and a state fee for the residence permit during the nominal duration of the studies will be covered.

After the first year, the assessment of a student progress is made. Successful students will earn the right to free of charge study in a selected faculty and a full scholarship for the nominal length of studies. Graduates are regarded as a valuable asset for the Estonian higher education and research system and industry for a longer term.

Contact information
If you are interested in applying for a PhD study place in, please contact Archimedes Centre for Academic Mobility on the following e-mail address: evelin[ at ]

Source: official announcement