Master Scholarships in Economics and Market Policy, University of Bologna [Italy]

The Faculty of Economics in Rimini (University of Bologna) is launching an International Laurea Magistralis “Economics and Market Policy” (EPM) for next academic year 2010/2011. It is a two-year programme and is equivalent to an M-Phil or M.Sc. Degree.
The programme offers core courses in quantitative economics and a number of elective courses, has a flexible structure and can be tailored to suit both practitioners and research profiles.

You may find a description at the website.

Scholarships for the academic year 2010/2011:
for foreign (EU and non-EU) students a grant of 6000 euros per year; for foreign and Italian students two grants of 1500 euros each per year. Notice that non-EU applicants have to apply through the Embassy/Consulate by 31 May 2010 for admission to the Laurea Magistralis in Economics and Market Policy. Please see this page.

Please, send your request to: valeria.macchini[ at ] and elettra.agliardi[ at ]