2011-12 Scholarships for International Students at Colby-Sawyer College [USA]

International students are eligible for need-based and merit-based financial aid, and are encouraged to apply for a variety of awards that acknowledge students who have reached a high level of academic achievement throughout their high school career. With the exception of the Wesson Honors Scholarship, there is neither a separate application, nor deadline for these scholarships. As part of our rolling admissions process, students will be informed of the award decision at the point of acceptance.

For international students, the admissions committee will recalculate your GPA based on equivalent letter and number grades from the Official High School Transcript you submit.

-Wesson Honors Scholarship - up to $68,000 over four years
-Founders Scholarship - up to $64,000 over four years
-Presidential Scholarship - up to $56,000 over four years
-Chargers Scholarship - up to $48,000 over four years

Colby-Sawyer also offers additional merit-based scholarships to incoming students based on their high school academic record, leadership qualities and community service involvement. These awards are not based on need and are renewable each year as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Students are eligible to apply for merit awards at any point, including prior to being accepted.

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